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Welcome teachers! Instructors from middle schools, high schools and universities have reported enthusiastic response when Freedom Machines was used in classrooms. Students said they found it easy to relate to the real stories about real people in Freedom Machines. The movie content covers wide-ranging issues that students face in their own lives; such as the desire to be self sufficient, the need to be independent, the right to be judged on more than one aspect of their being and the right for equal treatment.

Each Freedom Machines DVD Education package includes the same movie originally seen on the POV series, on PBS. The DVD comes with chapter cue points for easy adaptation to subjects and time frame, lesson plans and activities aligned to national standards, and links to resources supporting the materials.

The activities can be adapted to cross discipline instruction or tailored to specific subjects. The DVD format allows the content to be used by an individual, to be featured in a series of classes or for use in a single meeting. Soon the contents will be available in a streaming version for even greater versatility when designing courses. The movie and materials are completely bi-lingual and fully accessible.

Click here to Download the Freedom Machines bi-lingual lesson plan, discussion guide and activities.


• An outstanding curriculum for inclusion and diversity. View Freedom Machines when using the Anti-Defamation League's series of Lesson Plans for K-12. Go to:

• For a complete tutorial on how Apple Computers can be used for accessibility go to:

• Abledata Resources and excellent source of assistive technology information , including where and what assitive technology can be found.

• For an overview by educators of assistive devices that best help students with learning challenges go to:

Also: check POV's Freedom Machines website: For Educators.

Find lesson plans, resources, related learning standards and more.

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