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“I love this film. We are using it around the world at Sun Microsystems in product design, and in employee education. From America to Europe, Canada to Chile, India to China, Sun staff are getting the best possible introduction imaginable to access technologies through this medium. Its messages around the
freedoms that accessibility technologies bring to people with disabilities - and the real life limitations of today’s versions of those technologies - are an inspiration for Sun to do everything we can to ensure that our products and technologies are highly accessible to people with disabilities in the workplace,
education, and everyday life.”
— Peter Korn, Accessibility Architect for Sun Microsystems & Co-chair of the OASIS ODF Accessibility Subcomittee —
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As a part of its national efforts to insure better access to telecommunications for customers with disabilities and other special needs, AT&T pledged a multi-year commitment to Freedom Machines. The partnership began in 2005 with the company's support of production of the Freedom Machines Educational DVD Package, which included the services and talents of its Spanish Translation Unit in San Antonio, Texas. Translators worked with FM's producers to provide complete translations of the film, the extra chapters, and all of the education and resource materials available on the DVD.

AT&T Vice President Jody Garcia said, "Freedom Machines opened our heart and challenged our commitment as a corporation to become more knowledgeable and involved in reaching out to those who can benefit from our products and services as the use of assistive technology grows in the marketplace."

AT&T is now using Freedom Machines as a tool for staff development, human resources and product development and the company has made an additional financial commitment through 2007 to support outreach to schools, community groups, and colleges and universities. AT&T's support has also made possible a major re-design of the Freedom Machines website that will be completed in 2007.

AT&T's Advisory Panel on Accessibility and Aging (AAPAA) recently singled out FM as a model for accessible design for future product development, calling the Freedom Machines DVD's Universal Design features a "state of the art" model that AT&T and others should emulate.

AT&T's partnership with Freedom Machines represents both good work and good business as AT&T promotes better internal access for employees while also reaching new customers in the large and growing market of customers with disabilities.

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