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christian louboutin shoes cheap Manila, Philippines - senator on Monday, November 21 questions about excessive allocation in 2017, the total budget department of public works and highways (DPWH), total recount billions more.
Senate President franklin Drilon and senator Panfilo Lacson criticized the agency do not specify a plan and project funding.
DPWH budget for 2017, approved by the house of representatives and the senate -- P454.2 billion. Growth of 14% from this year's P397.11 billion. (read: 2017 of the state budget)
On Monday, Lacson first questioned P500 DPWH millions of lines of budget of the project,christian louboutin shoes because it is the general appropriations bill described in "the central office."
"Should the company distribution, in addition to the central office, walang itemization noong P500 millions. So bakit yung after iba coxa; sa central office, wala?" Lason asked. (no login details P500 millions. Why don't the rest it while the central office?)
Senator Loren Legarda DPWH budget sponsor, explained that the fund is to "increase" the feasibility study. But Lacson said there have been P5.9 billion budget research separately.
Legarda said it was just a "slush fund" may project requirements. This does not conform to the Lacson Drilon, who says a one-off discretionary funds.
Drilon even compared it to priority development aid funds or pork barrel, the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional.
"Budget passed, it becomes a regular appropriations bill. Authorization of the minister of public works to determine where it will be used. PDAF. That's what it's not a SC unconstitutional?" Drilon said.
Legarda still defended the budget, saying the agency needs a earthquake emergency fund. But Lacson pointed out that there is a separate budget, national disaster risk reduction.
Legarda replied that she just gave an example. She then said, "is really a need to" P500 millions of standby fund for the soil analysis.
Lacson didn't seem to believe,christian louboutin heels shoes but not the ability of environment and natural resources analysis of the soil?
Legarda said that although the same DENR, infrastructure projects needed to soil analysis is different.
Lacson questioned DPWH another fund total budget in total P150 millions, this only identified as "the central office."
"The feasibility study of another P150 millions of P5.9 billions of top and P500 millions. Katakot - takot sky" tong na feasibility study ", "Lacson quipped. (why do so many many feasibility study?
This time,christian louboutin cheap Legarda said this is flood control and emergency fund. But Lacson repeated his question: "Naka - itemize na and feasibility study sa P5.9 billions of bigla sky na may feasibility study ulit sa central office." (feasibility study of projects according to P5.9 millions, so why the sudden assigned another feasibility study in the central office?)
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Legarda said the number of sub - alloted region and will be submitted to the senate before the budget approval.
Lacson roll DPWH budget review, he continued to question the rights of the ticket payment billions of one-time capital mergers and acquisitions - P5 billion "various" turn-key projects and P4.06 billion "continuous".
"So, please provide details," Lacson told Legarda.
"There are details. Allocation of funds and lack of all projects need to do something," Legard said.
But Lacson is pointed out that the specific list of no roads. Lacson also questioned why some DPWH budget rules have specified right of purchase in addition to the two streets.
"Contradiction, Mr. President. In others,christian louboutin outlet identify... may place perot merong iba Hindi said, lang nakalagay central office." (on the other street signs; on the other hand, they do not show, only as "the central office.")
Legarda in response, said: "it is difficult to determine which street. We are not sure will be faster, it will be approved by the owner (property)."
She also said that they will be itemized record total funds and submit "in the next few days" before the budget approval.
Before Lacson, suspend his inquiry,christian louboutin outlet jokingly told Legarda: "Huwag down magalit sa relatives, bati pa rin tayo." (don't angry with me. We are still friends.)
Majority leader vicente iii, the call to the next senator questioned Legarda joked: "sponsors to give up."
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